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Janet Coykendall’s Story March 21, 2014 By: NGHarvist Cancer Story I found a lump. I was scared, it all began to go downhill on what this lump was. Then all the worries began. Questions nobody knows answers to. Then one day when I was down and out after losing my hair, my mind ( I thought), Sara Pym came to me and handed me a card with a name of Nightingales Harvest on it that she has volunteered at for people with cancer. My pride, I didn’t want to go. Was I embarrassed, I don’t think so. I believed that someone else can use it more than me. Well, the day came and I went. I had to, I have spent all my money on this disease they call cancer. This expensive disease. When I walked in I had the warmest welcome. The fear of going, the possible loss of pride I had, I don’t know what it was all went away. The people at this food bank are absolutely amazing. This has helped my home so much I don’t even know where to begin. The days I am down and not able to get out of bed from chemo, I know that my kids will be able to eat because there is food. I have never realized what people go through. You hear oh so and so has cancer. You never once worry about them eating or not having money to buy food to eat. Until you live in that situation your self. This food bank has opened my eyes very widely on how people can help with such little things we take for granted in life. I am grateful for the food bank and when I finish my chemo and radiation, I will pay forward to cancer patients just as all these volunteers and donations have done for me. Janet Coykendall P.A.C.E. Positive Attitude Changes Everything