“Save money & help others”

For Non-Profits

Activating your non-profit’s profile on CommonKindness is a
free and easy way to generate a sustainable funding stream.

Step 1. Activate/Register your Non-Profit profile

Step 2. Let your supporters or members know they can save money by redeeming CommonKindness coupons on every day items.

Step 3. CommonKindness receives a fee from advertisers every time a coupon is redeemed. CommonKindness shares 20% of funds received with charities and causes of the consumers choice - at no cost to you!





Tips For Generating Funds

The CommonKindness iframe

Provide your audience access to CommonKindness coupon savings, which can generate funds for your organization - without leaving your website!

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The CommonKindness Visa Platinum Card

A great way to generate funds for your organization!

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Activate & build your profile page

Build out your non-profits profile page, engage your supporters and start fundraising. It's simple and only takes a few minutes.

All you will need:

  • Non-Profits contact information
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Build Your Profile


"We are grateful for your contribution!
Partnering organizations like yourself help elderly, low-income, & disabled stay in their homes longer."

~ Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry



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