“Save money & help others”

Kindness Card

Help others while you shop. 

When you apply for and use your new CommonKindness Visa® Platinum Rewards Card, CommonKindness will donate $10 to your selected non-profit1

CommonKindness receives ongoing contributions every time you use your card and will donate these funds to all non-profits selected for this program2.

We are calling it The Kindness Card. 

Our goal is to promote kindness and support non-profits. 
Thank you for helping your family, neighbors and community with The CommonKindness Visa® Platinum Rewards Card.

1Donation made when purchase is made within 90 days of issuance.

2Ongoing contributions are distributed among all eligible non-profits.



Read this Flyer for more details:

Kindness Card Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Sign-In to your CommonKindness Member Account

2. Select your favorite non-profit

3. Save the non-profit code for your card application:

4. Paste the non-profit code into the application form and your favorite non-profit will benefit.

If non-profit code is not specified on the application, or if code is incorrect, CommonKindness will select a non-profit.