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Top Women In Grocery

Progressive Grocer selected Sarah Schloemer, the co-founder and president of CommonKindness Inc., as one of the Top Women in Grocery for 2013, for creating this innovative coupon platform.

Sarah Schloemer Top Women In Grocery 2013
Sarah Schloemer


"Sarah Schloemer, a former account executive with experience at several leading advertising agencies, launched CommonKindness.com, a free coupon website, in April 2012. In less than a year, she had guided the startup to No.2 position in grocery coupon websites. Under Schloemer's leadership, CommonKindness has reinvented the online coupon model, developing a performance-based, pay-per-sale model, eliminating coupon loading and print fees for brands, and simultaneously creating a sustainable funding source for nonprofit groups. Each coupon redeemed benefits the consumer's nonprofit of choice. The new coupon model has attracted many major brands, including Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, and Frito-Lay. Schloemer has focused on making CommonKindness as secure as possible, and has developed a partnership with The Kindness Card and UMB Financial Corp. to offer the CommonKindness Visa Platinum Rewards program. She also worked to develop the CommonKindness iframe. She is currently a member of the Association of Coupon Professionals."

~ The Progressive Grocer, June 2013

Sarah Schloemer Top Women In Grocery 2013

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