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CommonKindness Inc. is a network of 30+ highly experienced associates in the consumer packaged good (CPG) industry. The members have created and launched more than $2 billion U.S.
worth of highly successful national and international companies
and brands, including several category leaders. 

CommonKindness's skill sets and services include nearly every aspect of:

  • Creating brands & products
  • Identifying & contracting with product suppliers
  • Logistics
  • Retail introductions
  • Retail program management
  • National product launches 
  • Marketing & Promotions

The management of CommonKindness includes the founding chairman and CEO of several highly successful national and international CPG brands, and the recipients of multiple grocery industry awards including entrepreneur of the year, business of
the year, executive of the year and woman of the year.

CommonKindness works alongside your company's team by providing contacts, introductions and the above advisory services
on a confidential, as needed basis.



CommonKindness also owns the 2nd largest online printable grocery coupon website in order to provide major CPG companies the lowest cost coupon distribution technology and generate funds for non-profit organizations. Coupon platform and tools:

  • A platform brands can feel good about
  • Create & Promote Coupons Easily
  • Cost Savings of 50-75%, increased ROI
  • Coupon Links 
  • Online Community Network - Influencers
  • FSI Booster
  • IFrame - Facebook integration
  • IFrame - Website, Microsite integration
  • Data & Retargeting Options - Shopper Database
  • Promotional Add-ons:

    • Homepage Banner Ad
    • Brand Coupon Page
    • Video Feature
    • Custom Brand Content
    • E-Newsletter Banner Ad
    • E-Newsletter Sponsorship
    • Email Marketing Options

  • Bonus Promotions:

    • Homepage Coupon Feature
    • Seasonal & Cause Related Campaigns
    • E-Newsletter Coupon Feature
    • Social Media



We help drive success for initiatives that are changing the world.

Is your company or product creating a better future or healthier world?
If so, then CommonKindness
is a good fit for you.



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